Keynote Presentations & Workshops

Bobi Seredich’s presentation style is a breath of fresh air, and she lovingly shares her creative ideas for managing life’s highs and lows through good times and bad with class and conviction.  She reminds us that courage comes from the heart. It doesn’t always roar and is the quiet voice at the end of the day that says, “I will try again tomorrow.”

Courage Does Not Always Roar

Lessons on authenticity, vulnerability and overcoming life obstacles

This timely, humorous and educational presentation illustrates how we can find opportunity in being authentic with our adversity. Combining her wit and storytelling ability, Bobi builds on her research of women of courage from her book and her own real-life experiences of entrepreneurship, cancer, divorce and the challenge to conceive her twin babies, to enlighten audiences about our ability to see opportunities in challenging times.


Power of  optimism and authenticity

Importance of mindfulness

Values-based thinking

Managing adversity

Drawing from behavioral science to connect with our hearts

Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Harness the Power of the #1 Predictor of Professional Success

In today’s fast-paced competitive work environment, how effective are you as a leader? Emotional intelligence (EI)—our ability to manage ourselves and others around us—is the single greatest contributor to personal excellence and leadership.


Develop and maintain the disciplines of spectacularly successful people

Understand the Science of the human brain and how that influences behavior

Learn game changing tools to manage, adapt and strike out ahead of the competition

Learn skills to deal with the emotions of others when there is tension and conflict

The cure for fear and powerful insights of personal mastery while reducing stress

Selling With Emotional Intelligence

This is the perfect program if your organization wants to have a confident, educated, performing sales force with high IQ and excellent knowledge of your products and services. You want each sales team to skillfully connect with your clients and develop long term relationships that will benefit them and your organization. You want this same team to be resilient, manage setbacks effectively, and able to motivate themselves to keep driving the business forward.


The three reasons sales people trained in emotional intelligence outsell those not trained by a minimum of 20%

Optimistic sales people outsell pessimistic salespeople by 37%

How to deal with setbacks and adversity

Empathy and how to connect with customers… all customers

To deal with change and manage bureaucracy

To develop an action plan to improve your emotional intelligence and become the person people want to buy from