Training & Consulting

Bobi Seredich is the co-founder of  The Southwest Institute for Emotional Intelligencea consulting, training and coaching firm specializing in the skill set of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is now considered to be an X-factor in personal and professional leadership and is one of the most important ideas to hit the business world in recent years.  It was first introduced in the 1970’s by Dan Golemen where he studied how emotions are regulated in the brain.  EI is rooted in science and the neurological nuances of the brain.

EI is the ability to manage ones emotions in a healthy and productive manner.  It’s how we handle ourselves and how we handle our relationships.

Developing our intelligence around emotions is a learned skill set – just like any other skill – and involves self awareness, self regulation and management of our emotions and connecting better with others both personally and professionally.  As leaders in our family, at work and in our community, we must also know how to help others with their emotional awareness, management and connection.

We deliver Emotional Intelligence consulting and training through:

Workshops and Seminars
360 Assessment and Measurement Tools
Executive Coaching